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Avoid "Vitas Evapouritis" and keep wine racks stocked!

“Vitas Evapouritis”- The slow but steady loss of wine due to general consumption and generous gift giving. If your wine cellar is anything like mine, it is time for a replenish after a sensational summer of entertaining, socializing and vacationing. Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner and it is very important more...

13 Sep

Keep Your Worm Sharp

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Keep Your Worm Sharp

For those of you who enjoy cooking or fishing, you will appreciate the importance of a well sharpened knife or a well honed hook and their effectiveness. The same applies to the worm. That is the worm on your corkscrew. That tightly coiled metal on your wine opener that is inserted into the cork is actually called the “WORM”. If the pointed end more...

New International Sensations

4 New International Sensations! Winexpert Pickering is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Selection International 6 Week Premium Wines with Grape Skins. There are 4 new varieties that will include a crushed grape skin pack. Selection International with Grape skins is one of the most exciting and timely kits Winexpert has produced, allowing more...