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20 May

What are wine diamonds?

Posted by Craig
What are wine diamonds?

If you have ever seen what looks like little “shards of glass” or ‘sugar’ on the bottom or sides of a wine bottle, then you have seen wine diamonds. Fear not, for your wine will still be good if not better. “Tartrates are not harmful and only impact the wine visually.”                                                                                                 more...

How to make your bbq non–stick…naturally!

Once your grill is heated. Simply rub an onion on your grill. Brilliant and all natural! more...

How to make "Ice Tropez" Rosé cocktail.

In a large pitcher with lots of ice combine 1 x 750 ml bottle of rose wine (approx 3 cups), 250 ml of club soda (approx 1 cup) and 125 ml of Peach Schnapps (approx ½ cup). You can vary the Peach Schnapps according to taste, but I found this ratio a good balance of sweet/tart. (Compliments of Phil Kelly.) Cheers to the summer! more...