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“Cheers” From Around the World!

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I always love to hear ‘Cheers’ or ‘Toasts’ in different languages. It’s like sharing a good wish with all mankind. And, what better time of the year than the Holidays to share a list of “Good Wishes” from around the globe.

One of the things I like most about a toast is that they all seem to have one thing in common… they are all sharing a positive message. A toast, in my opinion, is a wish or statement extolled upon those with whom you are enjoying and sharing your company. You will notice most of them are to your health or happiness. It is amongst friends and Family. My personal favourite is à Votre Santé meaning ‘to your health’ in French.

Try to pronounce a few  listed below (I have but I am still learning). And,  this can  make for some good toasting trivia.

Feel free to add to our list and remember there are many different versions from many different countries. The translations are approximate.

Cheers (Canadian EH?) and Enjoy!


Language “Cheers” Pronunciation Translation
Arabic Fi Sahitak! Fee sa hay tuk To your health
Bulgarian Nazdrave! Naz dravey To good health
Cantonese Ging Jau!
Creole Salud! Salood Health
Croatian Zxivjeli! U zdravlje!
Czech Na Zdraví! To your health
Danish Skål! Skole
Dutch Proost or Gezondheid To your health
English Cheers! Cheers Good humour/face
Estonian Teie terviseks! To your health
Farsi Ba’sal’a’ma’ti!
Finnish Kippis! kip us Cheers
French À votre santé! ah vohtra sahntay To your health
German Prost! Proast To your health
Greek Gia’sou!
Hawaiian Hipa hipa! Okole Maluna! Heepa, heepa Bottoms Up
Hebrew L’Khayim! leh kiam To life
Hungarian Egészségedre! To your health
Icelandic Skál! Skole Cheers
Irish Sláinte! To your health
Italian Alla Salute! Cin cin!
Japanese Kanpai! Kan pie
Korean Konbe! Con bay
Mandarin Gan Bei! Gan bay Dry the cup
Polish Na zdrowie! Naz drove ya To your health
Portuguese Tim-tim! Saúde! To your health
Romanian Noroc! Na roke Good luck
Russian Vashe zdorovie! To your health
Slovenian Na zdravje!
Spanish Salud! Health
Swahili Afya! Vifijo! Cheers
Swedish Skål! Skole
Thai Chook-die!

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3 Comments on “ “Cheers” From Around the World! ”

  1. Otto December 8, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    In my late teens I was playing Ukulele in a Hawaiian ensemble called the Mauna Loas, even though I was never in Hawaii.
    That’s why Claudia, on one of her travels there, bought me a real Hawaian made Ukulel at the House of Musics at Waikiki. She also gave me a 1985 edition of The Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary.
    When I looked up ‘okole’ it says that means anus or buttocks. When I looked up ‘maluna’, it means high, up, above. I thought that could mean “up yours”, but I learned it was adopted from the early English sailors, from their “Bottoms Up!”
    Similarly, the ‘hipa hipa’ comes from the British sailors’
    “Hipp Hipp Hurray” e.g. Three cheers for the King’.
    Really educational for an amateur linguist. Cheers
    BTW, Prost is the Bavarian short form of “Ein Prosit!”

  2. Craig December 9, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    I like it Otto!
    Great comment.


  3. Anonymous December 11, 2016 at 1:59 am

    in armenian we say Genatset which means to your life

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