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New International Sensations

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4 New International Sensations!

Winexpert Pickering is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Selection International 6 Week Premium Wines with Grape Skins. There are 4 new varieties that will include a crushed grape skin pack. Selection International with Grape skins is one of the most exciting and timely kits Winexpert has produced, allowing the winemaker to choose a country of origin kit with excellent varietal character, bold flavours, enhanced aromas and full-bodied tannins, all in a wine that drinks well young and rewards patience.

I am excited to have these 4 great varieties available in stores this September:

Chilean Malbec-Shiraz with Grape Skins

Selection International Grape Skins Chilean Malbec-Shiraz displays a balance between ripeness and power, with intensely rich Shiraz grapes for a bold ruby purple colour, deep, dark plum and blackberry aromas showing subtle accents of chocolate. Malbec brings plum, blackcurrant and violet aromas leading to a slight touch of leather notes. Full-bodied and classically, the gripping tannins linger to an elegant finish of toasty oak and spice. This wine can stand up, or stand alone, and will age gorgeously.
Food Pairings: Serve with roasted meats, rich stews, or try it with bittersweet chocolate.
Body: Medium/Full Body
Sweetness: 0
Alcohol by volume: 13.0 – 13.5%

Spanish Tempranillo with Grape Skins

Selection International Grape Skins Spanish Tempranillo shows the black cherry, raspberry, plum and tobacco notes of the varietal, but the wine tends towards lushness and an overflowing of soft, ripe tannins, rather than bright fruit. Vanilla and spice notes in the oak give way to a beguiling hint of dark coffee on the finish. Medium-to-full bodied, it will drink well under three months, and will soften impressively after six months to a year in the bottle.
Food Pairings: Serve with tapas, like grilled chorizo, rich tomato dishes like Moussaka or even grilled sardines.
Body: Medium-Full Body
Sweetness: 0
Alcohol by volume: 13.0 – 13.5 %

Sicilian Nero d’ Avola with Grape Skins

Selection International Grape Skins Italian Nero d’Avola is a deep garnet, and shows ripe, berrylike fruit aromas lent complexity by hints of toast and smoke. The palate features flavours of fresh blackberries, dark chocolate, and a little bit of anise. There’s sufficient acidity to give it structure, but the overall impression is soft as velvet. The finish is long and smooth, with ripe and appealing fruit and surprising complexity in the nose.
Food Pairings: A great wine for hard cheeses, rare red meats and stews.
Body: Medium-Full Body
Sweetness: 0
Alcohol by volume: 13.0 – 13.5 %

Australian Petite Verdot with Grape Skins

Best described as a ‘Super Cabernet’, this is a dark, rich wine, with wonderfully concentrated flavours of juicy blackberry and blackcurrant, with smooth, gripping tannins and an elegant structure
leading to a magnificent, boldly oaked finish. With intense fruit-forward character, this wine drinks well immediately and it will fully round out in only three months, delivering intense fruit and richness.
Food Pairings: Serve with grilled steak, roasted lamb, or try it with bittersweet chocolate!
Body: Medium-Full Body
Sweetness: 0
Alcohol by volume: 13.0 – 13.5 %

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  1. Noel Cooper September 14, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Hi Craig, Jim and I were wondering what the cost of the chilean malbec-shiraz is for the do it yourselfer. Will wait to hear from you, cheers Noel.

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