08 Nov

Rememberance Day…’Lest we forget’!

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What remembrance Day means to me is simple. I always stop and respect the two minutes of silence that always puts a lump in my throat that I so desperately try to hide. Sometimes I wonder why it does, but over the years I have come to realize that someone else has done something unselfish. Someone has sacrificed for others without asking for gratitude. Someone has given, so we can have a better life. Someone made this world a better place to live in.

Maybe it is guilt for not having done the same, maybe it is sorrow for those who have lost their lives in doing so; or maybe, it is someone that was dear to you that made the ultimate sacrifice. Either way… it is a time to remember. So this Remembrance Day take a moment to say ‘Thank You’!  “Lest we forget”  means to me that by remembering the sorrows and sacrifices of war that we will hopefully not repeat it.

When you see those brave souls shivering in the cold outside of your frequented store or shop, take a moment to contribute and wear a poppy for it is the most unobtrusive of charities.

For they never ask for money.
For they never ask for recognition or fame.
For they don’t solicit or pull on your heart strings to make you contribute more.
They simply wish you to recall the meaning of the Poppy and remember.
A symbol to honour all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Whether you put 1 cent or $20 in the little white box, you have remembered. If nothing else, shake their hand and say “Thanks”.

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