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Below is a list of wines and their pronunciations. We have all had trouble saying a wines name as it should be said in its’ mother tongue and I have had my fair share of blunders when I first got onto wine. I will never say Peanut Nore (Pinot Noir) or Peanut Grisse (Pinot Gris) again. Once you learn the correct way to pronounce these you will have the confidence to ‘SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT’.
Pick your favorite wine from the list below and just say it out loud several time (by yourself of course) until you get it right. You will never be afraid to ask for your favourite wine in a crowded restaurant with all your friends and family around you ever again. But learn to say at least one red and one white just in case.


(Compliments of Winexpert)

Wine Pronunciation
Amarone Ah-ma-ROH-nay
Amontillado Ah-mone-tee-YAH-doe
Barbaresco Bar-bar-ESS-coh
Barbera Bar-BEAR-ah
Barolo Bar-OH-lo
Beaujolais Bo-jho-LAY
Beaujolais Nouveau Bo-jho-LAY New-VOH
Beaujolais-Villages Bo-jho-LAY Vih-lahzh
Beaune Bone
Blanc de Blancs BlahN du BlahN
Bordeaux Bore-DOH
Bourgogne Boor-GON-yeh
Brunello Di Montalcino Brew-NELL-oh dee Mon-tahl-CHEE-no
Brut Broot
Burgundy BURR-gun-dee
Cabernet Franc Cab-air-nay FrahN
Cabernet Sauvignon Cab-air-nay So-veen-yawN
Cave Cahv
Chablis Sha-BLEE
Champagne Sham-pane
Chardonnay Shar-doe-NAY
Chateauneuf-du-Pape Shah-toe-nuff-duh pahp
Chenin Blanc Shay-naN BlaN
Chianti key-AHN-tee
Chianti Classico Key-AHN-tee Class-ee-ko
Chianti Classico Riserva Key-AHN-tee Class-ee-ko Re-ser-va
Cinsaut/ Cinsault SaN-so
Colheita Kohl-AY-ta
Colombard Cole-um-bar
Cosecha Koh-SAY-cha
Côte Rôtie Coat Row-tee
Côte de Nuits Coat duh Nwee
Côtes-du-Rhône Coat duh Rone
Crianza Cree-AHN-za
Cru Crew
Cuvée Coo-vay
Demi-sec Deh-mee-seck
Dolcetto Dohl-CHET-toh
Eiswein ICE-wine
Fino FEE-noh
Fumé Blanc FOO-may- BlahN
Gamay Gam-may
Garnacha Gar-NAH-cha
Gewürztraminer Geh-VERTZ-trah-mee-nur
Grenache Gren-AHSH
Jerez Hair-eth
Kabinett Kah-bee-NET
Languedoc Lahn-geh-dawk
Loire Lwahr
Mâcon Mah-coN
Manzanilla Mahn-than-NEE-ya
Margaux Mahr-goe
Meritage MARE-eh-tedge
Merlot Mer-low
Meursault Muhr-soe
Montrachet Mon-rah shay
Musigny Moo-see-nyee
Nebbiolo Nay-BYOH-low
Pauillac Paw-yack
Petite Sirah Peh-TEET Sih-RAH
Piemonte Pee-eh-MAWN-tay
Pinot Blanc Pee-noe BlahN
Pinot Grigio Pee-noe Gree-joe
Pinot Gris Pee-noe GREE
Pinot Meunier Pee-noe Mehr-n’yay
Pinot Noir Pee-noe Nwahr
Pouilly-Fuissé Poo-yee Fwee-SAY
Pouilly-Fumé Poo-yee Foo-MAY
Puligny-Montrachet Poo-lee-nyee mon-rah-shay
Riesling REES-ling
Rioja Ree-OH-ha
Saint-Emilion San’Tay-meel-yon
Sancerre Sahn-sair
Sauternes Saw-tairn
Sangiovese San-geeo-VEHS-eh
Sauvignon Blanc SO-vin-yon Blahnk
Sémillon Seh-mee-yohn
Shiraz SHEER-oz
Soave So-ah-vay
Syrah Sih-RAH
Spätlese SHPATE-lay-zuh
Tempranillo Temp-rah-NEE-yoh
Trebbiano Treb-bee-AH-no
Trockenbeerenauslese TROCK-en-BEHR-en-OWS-lay-zeh
Valpolicella Val-poh-lee-t’chell-ah
Verdicchio Vehr-dee-kee-oh
Vinho Verde Veen-yoh vair-day

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