30 Jan

Think Pink! AND SAVE $25.00

Posted by Craig

White Zinfandel is “HOT”. Each year we make more White Zinfandel wine than any prior year.
Why is that?

Because it is a surprisingly versatile wine.

White Zinfandel (or Zinfandel Blush or Zinfandel Blanc as it is sometimes referred to) are really all the same since they are all made from the Zinfandel grape but with little exposure to the grape skin giving it that lovely pink hue.










As a varietal, Zinfandel makes some of California’s loveliest and big red wines and typically exhibits wonderful  strawberry aromas and spicy characteristics on the finish. These characteristics are typically displayed even when Zinfandel is made as a blush.

So you have all the subtle characters of a Red Zinfandel, with very little tannin making it a soft and easy drinking wine on its own. Great chilled and a summertime must when entertaining.

You also have a slight sweetness referred to as ‘off-dry’. This makes it a great match for slightly spicy dishes such as Thai or even BBQ ribs. The slight sweetness also pairs well with slightly salty foods and even some simple salads with Feta or goat’s cheese.

SAVE $25.00 on White Zinfandel


California White Zinfandel


Ready in 6 weeks



Complete with Winexpert’s innovative F-pack, this blush favourite displays the trademark pink hues and a soft, refreshing taste that make it particularly enjoyable as a chilled delight on a summer afternoon. Must be tried to be believed.


White Zinfandel

Vintners Reserve™

Ready in 4 weeks



This uniquely Californian treat is a pleasure to savour fully chilled, literally bursting with sweet fruit flavour and a refreshing, softly fruity finish.



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