25 Nov

We Finally Made A Million… Bottles Of Wine!

Posted by Craig

A great big “Thank You” for helping us reach the 1,000,000th  bottle of wine. This milestone occurred on October 21st of this year and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Wondering how we knew when the MILLIONth bottle was made? Simply, it was the 33,334 wine selection made which is sequentially tracked by our software. It was that easy. 33,334 x 30 bottles = 1,000,020. Voila!

Congratulations to Tony & Heather Scopel for actually making the 1,000,000th bottle of wine. As a special gift in recognition this momentous event, they received a 35 bottle Danby wine fridge.



From left to right: Jack Cats (mini me), Craig, Heather and Tony Scopel (the winners).

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