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30 Jan

Think Pink! AND SAVE $25.00

White Zinfandel is “HOT”. Each year we make more White Zinfandel wine than any prior year. Why is that? Because it is a surprisingly versatile wine. White Zinfandel (or Zinfandel Blush or Zinfandel Blanc as it is sometimes referred to) are Read more...

29 Jan

WHAT’S NEW…Pink Pinot Grigio

AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY 2018 PRE ORDER AND SAVE $15.00       Read more...

27 Nov

Great Gift Ideas…and Stocking Stuffers!

For the wine lover on your list, here are a few gift ideas (and stocking stuffers) that are sure to please. NEW! Wine Glass Writers! How many half glasses of wine have you poured down the sink? This gift will actually SAVE YOU MONEY! ONLY $14.99 for Read more...

26 Nov

LE17 – This years Limited Edition Wines – Deadline Extension

Each Year, Winexpert releases 5 very special wines from January to April. But you have to reserve them to receive them! Reservation deadline has been extended to Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 2016 PRICE HOLD ONLY $195/30 bottles Please use the contact Read more...

09 Nov

Limited Edition Wines 2017 VIDEOS & RECIPES!

We are very excited to announce this year’s Limited Edition wines! Watch the 60-second videos below to learn a whole lot more. NEW this year… All 5 recipe pairings are on easy to follow 2-minute time-lapsed videos. Absolutely easy to follow Read more...

01 Nov

Rememberance Day…’Lest we forget’!


What really makes me happy is the fact that my children remember! I wish to maintain that! For I hope it never happens to them. But I love the fact that they remember.  And THAT is the point. Remember! Let it never happen again! What Remembrance Day Read more...

18 Oct

How the LCBO measures sweetness!

Here is a simple explanation of the new sweetness codes for the LCBO. The “old” system of relaying sugar content in wine by the LCBO was very simple. The chart above shows on the right the ‘residual’ sugar in grams per LITRE. ‘0’ Read more...

18 Oct

Craig’s 5 Favourite Niagara Wineries!

We have all been to a winery or two in Ontario. Here are my Niagara picks for the most interesting and fun and of quality imbibing. Some may be a little pricey…but what the heck…you can’t take it with you eh! By the way, they are in Read more...


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