Winexpert Winemaking


What We Do

Winexpert is a full service wine making facility using only the very best grape juices from around the world. Our on premise “personal winery” allows you to make your own custom wines in only 5-10 weeks depending on type and level. We even have our own casks for you to barrel age your wine to your tastes.

How it Works

Winexpert Pickering makes winemaking an enjoyable and easy experience. We call this process “the old 2 step“:

Step #1: Make it!
Select the wine you wish to make and start the fermentation process. Which means stirring the juice and sprinkling the yeast on it (approximately 10 minutes).

Step #2: Bottle it
Call at least 2 days or more ahead to book your bottling appointment. Come in to bottle your wine. Takes approximately half an hour to bottle 30 bottles.

It’s that easy!

What’s in my cellar?

Can’t remember which type of wine you made 3 years ago? No problem, click here to request your customer history form and receive a full list of every type of wine you have made with Winexpert Pickering.

Why are we successful after 18 years?

1. We Make Great Wine
All our business is word of mouth. If we strive to always make better wine and people like our wines then they will always come back.

2. We Are Knowledgeable
Each and every time you visit us you will learn something new about wine or wine making. Whether it be about what to serve with dinner or cellar temperatures, you will always leave more knowledgeable than when you came in. This is why I lay awake at night trying to always come to the store with something new about wine everyday. Its a tough job, but I love it.

3. We Offer Exceptional Service
Good service is a unfortunately a dying art BUT is alive and well at Winexpert.

  • If someone has a question…we will answer it.
  • If someone has a concern….we will address it.
  • If someone has a problem…we will fix it.

Wine making should be an enjoyable experience. Feel free to visit anytime…you’ll be happy you did.

To view a list of over 125 wines to be made at our “personal winemaking” facility please click here to be taken to the Winexpert website. Each selection yields approximately 30 – 750ml bottles starting from $126 per selection. We never apologize for great wine at a great price. It’s that good!